The Milwaukee Riverwalk Guide

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309 North Water Street, #170, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 270-0344

201 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 273-1301

740 North Plankinton Avenue #1, Milwaukee, WI 53203 | (414) 276-3030

223 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 220-9933

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Manifesto Del Cinema

227 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 278-0053

MilWALKee Dog

227 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 221-9255

Milwaukee Ale House

233 North Water Street, #1, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 276-2337

The Barre Code

225 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 763-1314

Water Buffalo Restaurant

249 North Water Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202 | (414) 431-1133

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In the 90’s, the downtown Milwaukee area was mainly industrial. Since it needed to be re-established as a public area, the Riverwalk came into being. Since that time, the Riverwalk has provided many tourists and locals with entertainment, good food, good drinks and a chance to take in the sights of the Milwaukee River. The river walk consists of two walkways on either side of a stretch of the Milwaukee River and the river itself.

There are many tourist friendly hotels and inns around the area for you to stay at with very friendly and helpful staff that can help you find your way along with providing you with quality service.

Once you get to the river walk, then the fun begins (if it hasn’t already). From boating tours to scenic walks up and down the stretch of river that makes up the river walk, you can take your pick. There is a lot to do and a lot to see so you and your family will be well-entertained. The best part is that you can walk down on one side of the walkway and then when you get to the end, cross a bridge and go back up the other way. This lets you enjoy everything the river walk has to offer.

If you would prefer a fun night out, you can come and experience the river walk nightlife. The lights at night and the still thriving businesses will provide you with enough entertainment for a good time for you and your friends or significant others. There is also the option of a boating cruise with various themes that you may enjoy. This part may not be as appropriate for the children since it mostly features alcohol themes.

The art is one part of the Milwaukee Riverwalk that you definitely can’t miss out on. There are a number of museums that you can visit if it tickles your fancy. If you have little ones with you they may appreciate a visit to the children’s museum. There are several in the area to keep them entertained. Alternatively, if you do not have children, you can visit any of the many other museums in the area.

There is really no way to avoid the art along the Riverwalk however. Pieces of public art can be found along the river like the most famous one, the Bronze Fonz. This particular piece is a statue of the actor of “Happy Days” that played Arthur Fonzarelli or the Fonz.

For the foodies and beer lovers, there are very many restaurants, pubs and brewpubs along the river walk. Each provides you with excellent meals and quality service while enjoying the sights that the river has to offer. Whether you are marveling at the frozen river in winter or the ducks and their ducklings in the spring and summer months, you can choose to dine outside and take it all in.

There is a lot to do on the Milwaukee Riverwalk so you can come and experience it all. You may surprise yourself and have an amazing time. As a holiday destination, this is one of the best choices you could ever make.